Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just Think... What Does The Country Need Today.

Strange things are happening in Indian politics. Of course, I am talking about the Anna / TMC Delhi rally on the 12th March 2014. It does not really make any difference whether it was the show of TMC or Anna Hazare. I am also not much concerned about the number of people who attended the rally. Still I have to make some observations.

Yes, I am wondering about the reasons of Anna Hazare supporting Mamta Banerjee and her TMC.  With nothing against that since it is his personal choice; I would have been happier had Anna decided to support any candidate irrespective of the label. Why restrict to a single party if your aim is to promote probity in public life? It would perhaps be better to put your volunteers to scan all the candidates in a constituency and recommend one. Then you can canvass for that particular candidate even if he belongs to the Congress, BJP or AAP. In that case, there will be many people who would be there to listen, appreciate and support your act.

If we talk of simple living, Mamta Banerjee, Manohar Parrikar and Manik Sarkar are excellent examples, because they are actually living the life that Arvind Kejriwal pretends to. And see, they all belong to different political parties. None of them has made their simple living a publicity point and this aspect of theirs is worth appreciating. Still, I don’t think that alone should earn them votes. Certainly we need simple and honest people; but governance has to be the bottom line. If you are able to spot such clean, capable AND performing candidates and support them, how does their label matter and how does it matter whether there are 1,000 people or 100,000 in a rally? The fight would be for the principles.

Now this has not happened.... And I think the most important point today is to have stability at the Centre. We can hardly afford to push our Parliament to the same state what we have witnessed lately in Delhi Assembly.

Make your choice keeping that in mind!


handoovijay said...

Country needs to ponder on ur concerns. We can't afford the parliament to witness the same dialima as Delhi assembly. Each nd every vote is crucial. Let the Almighty bestow better sense on voters to cast their votes CAREFULLY.

Vithal Deshmukh said...

Perfectly right Mr Ashok. You have given correct suggestion to choose good candidates or be supported by Shri Anna, may be from any party.
I have got some points here, as- Every party is having some good candidates & some bad. I think, all the parties should try to reduce bad & increase good. Due to Shri Anna & Mr Arvind Kejariwal, some difference happened surely & all parties are compelled to give Good & New faces as far as possible.
Another point that Every party must have more good candidates, so that diversity of Thoughts with goodness will prevail in Politics in country, may any party come in to Power.
Next, we are corrupt of a nature from ages together. The easy way is always welcome individually. Yet, after Independence, we are not matured enough & till we don't think for WE, but only for me & my family.
Considered all the adversities & overall situation, from my point of view, BJP & Mr Narendra Modi is better choice, though not best. I do not advocate anybody here. This is my view only.

M.S. Krishnan said...

As you rightly said it is not whose rally it was or how many attended it. the point is why Anna has gone all out to support TMC. We have heard so many attrocities of late where TMC govt chose to do nothing worthwhile.Tet Anna is entitled to his choice.
There is no party including AAP with all good candidates. While it would be good to have ALL clean MPs in parliament, as of 2014, it can only be a dream. We need a strong PM with a clear vision to bring development and focus on health and education and free the nation of appeasing minorities and making sure that they do not go up the ladder.The only and better choice among the parties is BJP and NAMO as PM. All the right thinking people should voice their support for this. AAP should emerge as the opposition ahead of UPA to keep a check on the govt. Thats my wish to see a stronger Hindusthan.