Friday, April 4, 2014

The biggest democratic event of the world is going to start - Make your OWN decision !

The biggest democratic event of the world is going to start, and expectedly the temperatures are rising – unfortunately to the burning levels!  

Do you see any reason for the politicians not doing anything worthwhile; but continue talking of 1984, 1992 and 2002 events, especially during election time? When the courts exonerate someone from the opposite camp, they say that the evidence has been tempered with.  At the same time if there is some adverse ruling against their leaders, they say that the court has erred.  After all, judges are also human beings. They can commit mistakes! Isn’t it the height of hypocrisy? 

Why the hell do we talk of Muslim vote, Hindu vote, Sikh vote, Yadav vote, Jaat vote....?  Are we human beings or vote banks? Really sad! Every political party deplores the acts of miscreants indulging into manhandling; but rewards such people with tickets to fight elections.  What is the logic of nominating “shoe throwers” to fight election?  Our leaders forget that such people do not subscribe to any ideology. Today if a person has attacked my opponent, tomorrow he can attack me. Encouraging such elements never pays in the long run; but sadly the vision of our politicians is short-term only. We, the people, must understand this.

While lesser known entities are cashing in to steal some lime light by creating sensational stories, even established and well-known media does not want to lag behind. In this highly charged scenario, what do these people in news channels and print media need? Your attention... and for this reason, they dig out or even create sensational stories that sell. Ethics do not mean anything for them. They are certainly not enemies of the country; but do not realize the kind of disservice they are doing to the nation just in their effort to increase their presence and ratings. This may be sad, but true.

Latest, “The Economist” has come out with their own story to join the bandwagon and say that they do not recommend Narendra Modi for the reasons XYZ. Reading the same, I wondered whether it was the kind of “Stock Buy” recommendation!  Do we need their “recommendation” to make our choice? 

Undoubtedly, we need a strong opposition; but if there is no strong government, a strong opposition can only bring in instability and chaos. This is what was witnessed in Delhi very recently. Whatever one may say about AAP, the fact is that the things would have been far better if they had a clear majority. Whether they would have been able to deliver or not; or whether it would have been better to have a BJP or Congress government is a separate issue altogether. I am only talking about the need of a strong and stable government. 

Let us think what the need of the hour is and what is in the best interest of our country. Let us not react to what others say. Let us exercise our right considering the interest of our country; because that is in our interest. We, the people!

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