Friday, March 7, 2014

"I am right" does not mean that "Everybody else is wrong!"

Years ago, when I was interviewing a candidate for a job in our organization, I asked him a very common question, “What are your strengths?” His reply was that he was an honest person. Not very convinced , I remarked that it was not something very great as far as performance on the job is concerned and that there are many honest persons over here. He said, “No, people are not honest. I am the only one.”  Taken aback, I came down very straight, “Do you mean to say, you are the only honest person in this world?” Apt came the reply “Yes!” Not willing to give up, I continued, “How can you say that?” and the bouncer came back, “Since I know it.”

I had to withdraw from the match, since I had no chance to win the argument… and I had no desire to. My job was to assess the candidate and I had done that. Of course, I never met the guy again and just wondered how can people have such bizarre thinking.

Over a period of time, I had forgotten this incident till Arvind Kejariwal showed up. Today, I wish I had the contact details of that guy. Then I could have introduced them to each other and let them fight it out because according to them there can be only one honest person on this earth. There is no space for two.

I personally feel there is nothing wrong in claiming what you are; but you have no copyright over those traits or qualities. I personally had very high hopes from Kejariwal government and was looking for a refreshing change in the governance. But the way he resigned over the so-called principled stand, was highly disappointing. I have been wondering about the future scenario. If the fresh elections bring back AAP with clear majority, naturally they will be able to introduce Jan Lokpal Bill  in spite of LG’s or others’ objections. Fine! Then the bill will have to go to the LG or President. It will not be okayed due to procedural shortcomings or being not in line with the one passed in the parliament. Then Mr Kejariwal, will you resign again? 

Can anyone help me with an answer?

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Vinay Maheshwari said...

As long as you are right you do not have to worry about others yes it is important to know what is right for you it may be wrong for others
Simple test is to put yourself in other's position and think how would I feel if some person reacted in the manner I am planning to react and even then if you feel the same way go ahead you are right
I do practice this quite often and find this useful