Friday, April 15, 2016

Odd Enough! What Even?

Oddly enough, it is claimed that Delhiites  are happy with odd-even scheme. Yes, here is the complete list of people with the reason of their happiness: 
  • Car owners, who have multiple cars (with odd and even numbers) are not affected by this order. Rather, they will face less congestion, so HAPPY  
  • Two wheeler owners, who can now enjoy still better zigzagging on Delhi roads.  HAPPY 
  • Lady drivers (the category not covered under odd-even) would feel more comfortable to drive on less crowded streets. HAPPY 
  • Auto rickshaw and cab drivers get business boost up and increase in income. HAPPY 
  • The low income group, who do not own cars, experience less congested roads for walking, cycling, road crossing… HAPPY 
  • CNG car owners face less congested roads, since there is no other difference as far as they are concerned. HAPPY
See, in all these cases, pollution control is NOT the issue. In fact, decrease in pollution levels was never conclusively proved, yet…

OK, now, who are left?
  • Middle income group / Senior citizens / people who are basically field workers like sales people or cash collection agents – the people, who are not covered in any of the above-mentioned categories and they own only one petrol / diesel car.
Oh, come on! That is too small a group! In any case, they are too insignificant to make a difference (as far as vote bank is concerned!)

On the hindsight EVEN IF the pollution levels come down during the experimental fortnight, there is a need to see whether it is significant, whether there are other more polluting factors that need to be tackled and whether the gains (if any and whatever) can be sustained over a period of time.  Yes, such an exercise will throw up challenges and need to make big efforts. Surely, too tall an order as compared to cheap gimmicks to gain quick popularity and electoral gains.

And who said that this fortnightly exercise should be carried out every month?  Isn’t it ridiculous? How can one justify half good and half bad month… month after month? But, yes, the focus is very clear – to repeat – “quick popularity and electoral gains.”


Ashok Kapoor said...

I have two cars with odd numbers and have to travel from Gurgaon to Escorts- Fortis on Monday with grandson who is on oxygen support.
I don't know what to do.

Ashok Kapoor said...

I have two cars with odd numbers and have to travel from Gurgaon to Escorts- Fortis on Monday with grandson who is on oxygen support.
I don't know what to do.

Ashish Singh said...

I do agree with your comment Sir!!!
This is government (whatever is the party) making rule and we are bound to follow.
Main reason to follow is fine of Rs. 2000/- and take away vehicle in 2 hr from road.
Otherwise we can see actuality.
There are lot more options to reduce pollution.

BRAJESH said...

In my opinion main reason of pollution is traffic jams. Traffic jams are only because traffic rules are not being followed. More than 50% drivers on the road do not know driving but they have valid license. If government focuses more on the following the pollution can be controlled:
1. Lane Driving and Traffic rules to be followed strictly.
2. Proper health check of vehicles on the road. Most of the time you can see breakdown buses / cars / trucks which causes huge traffic jams.
3. Overloaded vehicles should not be allowed on the roads this cause traffic jams.
4. Parking / Waiting of Vehicles on the roads should not allowed
5. Waiting Autos close to metro stations should be given some space they should not pick up passengers on the road
6. Manual Riksha and other carts should not be allowed on the road
Above will give better result than reducing the vehicle from the road and create problems for the common person but ofcourse it may not give popularity to government.

MoNTi said...

Please use public transport like metro bus taxi car pool etc.

MoNTi said...

Where the poor riksha & car people go if not allowed on road. Is the road only for car owners.

MoNTi said...

The purpose of this to motivate the to use public transport not to make money or harass people.

The problem is not in rules. Problem is in people who don't even want to use public transport.

Ashok Grover said...

While there are more issues - like dusty roads, uncontrolled construction activities, overloaded and old highly polluting vehicles, traffic jams etc. etc. - on the question of using public transport -

Do we really have a reasonably good network of public transport? What would you advise to people like Ashok Kapoor?

I myself hate driving; but am left with no option since public transport is not the option! For a single journey, we need to use a mix of options, that would include a good walk and then may be, stupid service of so-called Gramin Sewa.