Thursday, August 27, 2015

STOP This Mental Corruption !

The biggest curse for our country, India, has been the caste based reservation system. May be, it might have benefitted some individuals…., it has certainly benefitted our political class….; but the biggest loser has been the country’s unity, its social fabric, its tranquillity, its growth, people’s performance and effectiveness…. in short the country, that is India.

Unfortunately, ALL political parties blame each other for playing dirty politics, and ALL of them play this divisionary game. Caste based reservation is the most ridiculous way of social upliftment.  Somebody rightly pointed out, if we had such a system in the past, Krishna, the almighty king would get reservation benefit (being a Yadav) and poor Sudama will not (being Sharma, a Brahmin.) Can something be more idiotic than this? And today, we are not only practicing; but encouraging this idiocy.

 Is there a single political party or a leader to declare that they would work for the abolition of this system? At least, I am not aware of. 

Helping the oppressed and downtrodden and their upliftment should be on everyone’s agenda. There are problems with this system, has been acknowledged often. That’s why there were attempts like removing the creamy layer. But, that cannot be the complete solution. Logically, anyone short of financial means should get the similar benefits irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Why can’t we have simple economic criteria for every Indian?  Why can’t we invoke nationalism rather than championing the cause of a particular caste, community or religion? To my mind, the only problem with such a system will be that our so-called leaders will not be able to divide people and fetch their votes. 

The bottom line –
The people of India, look for shortcuts. We shy away from putting in our best and earn what we want. Rather, we are ready to fight and die for the cause of reservation! That’s why the leadership takes advantage of this mental corruption of the public to achieve their objective, even if it is at the cost of our country. So unfortunate! 

To hell with….


Jayakrishnan Alambath said...

Reservation on basis of caste to be abolished and reservation on the basis of income to be introduced. Every individual should have a PAN card. Even non taxable income group should file nil return. Income tax return should be filed along with asset and liability statement also. This should be the criterion of income and total assets held by him. Nowadays non taxable income group of citizens can get an income certificate from village officer by bribing. This system should stop. Reservation should be on the basis of the Income Tax Return and Asset and Liability Statement filed by him.

Jayakrishnan Alambath

M.S. Krishnan said...

I agree entirely After 66 years of independence, atleast 2 generations of people should have got benefited and come out of ignorance. Alas we still find them struggling. It is solely because the elite in the reserved have cornered the benefits and the political parties without exception want this system to continue. In this respect we must salute the sikhs, who dont beg and do not ask for any reservation and are giving their life in the armed forces. We must start a campaign to abolish reservation and only MERIT to qualify and economic condition should be the sole criteria for monetary assistance.

Vithal Deshmukh said...

Everything should be on merits.All children to be treated as National asset, no poor or rich. There should be very strict qualitative exam system. All students, who can't afford must be given full fin support. No reservation in jobs at all. Even, the people going through competitive exams is also reservation from my point of view. It was a need of Britishers.. We should promote merit as well as experience to some extent. I saw many examples of very much learned persons having no exp at bottom level, thus being taken for ride by juniors & work getting suffered due to inexperience of such top position persons without exp.